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It is rare when the whole country is struggling, crying, scared, hopeless and still stands back to fight. One such time was when second wave hit us. No one was prepared, just when everyone thought we were getting out of it, we found ourselves deeper in the pit. Being in healthcare system, our call durations decreased and number increased. People who almost lost all hopes still called us in case we could arrange the medicines needed for their family to live and oxygen for their family members struggling to breathe. Turning everyone down and seeing people die, we started losing our hopes as well. We eventually felt like the murderers of the tiniest beam of hope in them. situation was grim and we weren’t ready to give up.


Have resources? Need resources?

If you have the resources such as ventilators, oxygen, medicines, plasma, connect with the ones in need in the given link below. if you need the resources, join the link to connect with the ones who have it.

(Currently, there are 15 active groups on WhatsApp which connects over 3500+ people)

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Plasma donation drive

Swastham had started plasma donation drive in Surat and Ahmedabad. The donation drive was supported by Indian Red Cross Society