Swastham Medicine Donation

We appeal all covid recovered people to donate thir medicines to our volunteers at given addresses in the box outside their house and we will be donating them to CIVIL HOSPITAL GANDHINAGAR.

Date: 30 May to 3 June

Dr. Pankti Prajapati (Project Head)

Dr. Manish Jyani (Civil Hospital)


Vedangi Brahmbhatt

389, Urjanagar 2

Panara Krishi

Plot no. 1582/2, sector - 2c

Hetvi Anand

Plot no. 111/2, sector - 3/A

Jay Kapoor

Plot no. 507/1 Sec 7/B

Pankti Prajapati

Block no. 710/4, gh-1 type, Sec-8

Kashyap Patel

Block no. 239s-1 xitiz app sec 28

Srujal Patel

Block no. 554 A/2, satyam soc, sector 22, near jain upashray

Miten J Prajapati

Type 2, 16/3 geb Colony